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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.





E.D. Marchenko

Meetings with the method’s author

These meetings are arranged to be interesting both for returning and new listeners. Everyone is welcome!
This is unforgettable!

Some of the books

All books by E.D.Marchenko are extraordinary. They describe life at its best outpourings. When one reads these books, one wishes to live a happy life!

Nothing ever happens by chance. Now in English



Evdokia Dmitrievna. The path to discovering TIME

Graduating from the Gorkij Ural University (Sverdlovsk) from a physics department with a degree in astronomy-geodesy. The topic of her thesis was “The behaviour of interstellar gas in the gravitational field of the Sun”.

1983 – 1990
The organization and methodological guidance of the group of women, practicing rhythmological gymnastics with elements of relaxation taking place on the base «Sunrise» (Miass). Practical work on the movements with different energy load and different rhythms; the movements' impact on the energy field of one's self and others. Replenishment of physical health through saturating the light body via harmonic movements of the surrounding people.

The results of this research were published in the books by E. D. Marchenko's:

  • «The Rainbows' Laws» (Omsk: TOO «Polygraf», 1994)
  • «The liberation from the energy» (Moscow: OLMA-PRESS, 1996)


1987 – 1989

Work at SAPFIR (The System of an Automated Psycho-Physical Relief”. The utilization of methods of acupuncture, iridology, auraldiagnostics, Fol's diagnostics, KV-initiation, capsulorelaxation (using colour, sound, smell) with the collaborated research with MSCH-92 (Miass) on diagnosing and curing various disorders (gastro-enterological, oncological, etc)

The results of this research were published in the books by E. D. Marchenko's:

  • «The Rainbows' Laws, 2» (Omsk: TOO «Polygraf», 1995)
  • «Exiting beyond the magical crystal»


1989 г.
A report given at MSU at the yoga conference entitled “Informo-energetic exchange in nature” (section “The connection between astronomy and astrology”)


The results of this research were published in the books by E. D. Marchenko's:

  • “Beyond the Rainbow's Laws”, p.1
  • “Liberation from information”


1991 г.
The organization and conducting of the conference, dedicated to the ways of healthy improvements (Kamensk-Uralskij). The creation of public organization “The cure through spitituality”.

1993 г.
The collaboration with the laboratory based in the hospital for war veterans of the City of Ekaterinburg entitled “The impact of rhythms on EEG”

The results of this research were published in the books by E. D. Marchenko's:
— “The Prayers' of New Age”
— “Theory and Practice of Preciseness”
— “The thinking brain”



The participation in the National conference “In regards to higher education”, taking place at UrMU.

The results of this research were published in the books by E. D. Marchenko's:
— “Entering the pedagogics of RADASTEYA”
— “The right for learning”

1993-1996 г.
The organization of pedagogical conferences for teachers and professors from schools and universities from central and Ural parts of Russia (Moscow, Kamensk-Uralsk, Cheljabinsk, Pervouralsk, Miass, Troick, Uruzan), Siberia (Omsk), the Crimea (Gurzuf), Belorussia (Vitebsk)

The materials from the conferences were published in the book by E.D. Marchenko:
— “Entering the pedagogics of RADASTEYA”

Presentation entitled “Russia as a cosmodrome, Russians as a nation, speaking the language of noosphere” at a National cconference “Help Russia” (Novosibirsk).


The materials were published in the books of E.D. Marchenko:
— “ In the course of time, in the regime of space”
— “Vitally necessary finding of yourself”
— “The joy of greatness”
— “Rhythmomeasures”

Presentation at the conference “Scientific and non-scientific approach to discovering the Truth” (Novosibirsk) entitled “I am Luminescence”

The results were published in the following books:
— “Beyond my impossibility”
— “The memory of an earthly experience”

Development of programs (15 in total) of teaching the method RHYTM-RHYTHMICS

Was elected into Saint-Petersburg Unit of Scientists

The creation of an International Public Organization “RADASTEJA” in all the world continents for the purpose of studying the method RHYTHM-RHYTHMICS-RHYTHMOLOGY

Meeting with the managers of Orsko-Halil metal factory (Novotroick, 22.07.1995)

The materials were published in the book “Rhythmology in regards to economy and management”

Presenting the new area of knowledge about RHYTHMOLOGY at the Moscow Municipal Council

Presenting the topic “Crystalographia” before the scientists (Irkutsk) (1996)

Conducting research entitled “The impact of rhythms on the sunspots” in collaboration with Kuorovsk and Crmea observatories. (spring-summer, 1996)

The presentation at an International conference “Noology, the ecology of noosphere, health and lifestyle” (Saint-Petersburg)

The publishing of an article “In regards to the difference between the informative and energetic exchange in human daily life”, in the compilation “The materials of the International conference “Noology, the ecology of noosphere, health and lifestyle” (St.-P.: Science, 1996)

1997 г.
The research on the impact of rhythms on the atmospheric activity and nature at the Institute of Problem Management (Moscow)

Teaching the course, “The basics of RHYTHMOLOGY”, at the Ural Polytechnical Institute of Kirov” (Ekaterinburg, 1996-1997)

Presentating at the Russian embassy in China (Beijing, 1997)

1998 г.
Opening the centre “RADAVITA” for the purpose of teaching the method RHYTHM-RHYTHMICS-RHYTHMOLOGY

Presenting RHYTHMOLOGY at the UN Russian Mission (New-York, 1998)

The creation of Author's publishing centre “RADATS” (Saint-Petersburg radats.ru).

The organization of the international line of bookstores, “Alive book”

2000 г.
Receiving a license to carry out the educational program of RHYTHMOLOGY at the Miass branch ANO “RADAVITA”

The approbation and approval of the three-year RHYTHMOLOGY program at the educational centres of Ekaterinburg and Miass, by the Department of Public Education (Cheljabinsk).

2001 г.
Meeting with the scientists of the Institute of Nanotechnologies and discussing the topic “The meaning of name. The interaction of the first and last names. Name – the main label of a person”

The material has been published in the books:
— “Exultant. From a face to the Image”

The private meeting with the Nobel laureate Ilja Prigozhin. The subject of discussion – the theory of a reversible balance (the scientist's research in regards to studying ice melting at the temperature, slightly higher than the temperature of water freezing. The research is consonant with the theory by E.D. Marchenko of extraction of time in similar conditions)

Meeting with deputy chairman of science at NATO (April, 2001)

Meetings with the the management of salt-extraction factory “Uralsalt” of Berezniki (the Republic of Perm)

Obtaining the title of a PhD in psychology and philosophy from the World Information Distributed University in Belgium (October 2001).

2002 г.
Publishing of the article “In regards to the necessity of introducing the course “RHYTHMOLOGY” into the educational programs” in “Science and technology. The proceedings of XXII Russian school” (published by RAN, Moscow)

The creation of Educational Centres of RHYTHMOLOGY (Ekaterinburg, Cheljabinsk)

Patenting the invention “The method that has a correcting effect on a human's organism for the purpose of normalizing its functional state”

Obtaining the title of Grand PhD from the European Academy of Informatization (Brussels, Belgium, bridgeworld.org.)

The opening of the Institute of Rhythmology of Evdokia Marchenko – IrlEM (Moscow, irlem.ru) as a branch of an International University “Medicine and ecology of a human”

2003 г.
The investiture of the Order “Wisdom” by the Academy of Public Recognition.


2004 г.
Receiving the award from the Union of writers of Russia, “For destroying writing stereotypes and emotional expansion of learning the Universe and existence”, at the Column Hall of the Writers House by the Secretary of the Union of writers of Russia.

2005 г.
The organization of scientific-exploratory expedition to the North Pole. Under the leadership of professor Evdokia Marchenko, 88 IrlEM's collaborators carried out the research on time at one of the most unique places on Earth.

The organization of scientific-exploratory expedition to the South Pole.

Implementing the project “The Sky Odyssey”

“Mission PEACE” - collecting voices for signing the open letter to the UN with an offer to create an International Day of Reason, prohibiting any expression of violence (war, arm conflicts, terror) on this day.

IrlEM carrying out experiments, dedicated to studying the human state in vacuum.

Награждение2006 г.
Receiving the Order of Ekaterina the Great I degree by the Academy of Security, Defence and Law Enforcement (AKBOP)

Organization of a scientific-experimental expedition around the equator. The purpose – studying time during the clock switching.

Receiving the order of Lomonosov, “For the merit and large contribution into strengthening the Russian statehood”

2007 г.
Rewarded by the order medal of Leonardo da Vinci of the European committee of the rewards and bonuses of the UN

Receiving the golden Esenin medal of the Union of writers of Russia.

Round-the-world aeroexpedition along the Greenwich meridian and the line of date change.

2008 г.
Publishing the book “IRLEM”

Carrying out the collosal of the scientific experiment, in which more than 6 thousands of people.

2009 г.
Publishing the book «Radasteja».

2010 г.
The winning success of «IRLEM» at the XIII of Kiev International book exhibition “The Book world – 2010”: “The right to think, the right to read” at the nomination “The best literary-artistic publication”