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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.





E.D. Marchenko

Meetings with the method’s author

These meetings are arranged to be interesting both for returning and new listeners. Everyone is welcome!
This is unforgettable!

Some of the books

All books by E.D.Marchenko are extraordinary. They describe life at its best outpourings. When one reads these books, one wishes to live a happy life!

Nothing ever happens by chance. Now in English



Rhythm and rhythmology


Some Literary Works on Rhythm

«My task was to describe the whole world through rhythms. The rhythm brings with it great delight when read. Its mission is to transmit energy – the information.

When you begin to read, the rhythm, the energy goes towards you, or the information goes towards you, and everything comes to life. The ones who have read the rhythm acquire a greater speed than the others. They manage a lot more. Their life becomes concentrated and richer.

The singing rhythm brings happiness on the Earth. Those who read the rhythm find happiness in mankind. »

E.D. Marchenko
«The Stellar Rhythms of Time»

To date, more than 12,000 rhythms have been identified and written. Below, we list some of them.

Imagine an apple: there is the center and the matter around the center. Every event is like that. At the heart of every event there is the rhythm, creating it. There is a rhythm; there is an event. You only need to pick up the rhythm.



«Ритмология - наука человека о времени.

«Rhythmology is a human science about time. This science is not ‘about’ humans, because ‘about’ is a cycle, not ‘for’ humans, because the ‘for’ is an attachment, not ‘under’ humans, because ‘under’ is the foundation, but a science without interjections.

I will decipher the first sentence:
Rhythmology is the logics of rhythm. The science is a causation of behavior of subjects and objects in the direction from the past to the future, fixed by human logic. Humans are creatures capable of reasonable motivation for their actions and decisions concerning the outside world.

Rhythm is time enclosed in the shell of space, knowledge, memory, energy, information; i.e., in the shell of all its neighbors.

Rhythmology tells a person about himself as a repository of time and shows him how to live and work within himself, on the border between himself and the world.

«Rhythmology is not a doctrine and not even a science. It is a lifestyle, or so it is perceived by the people who make their own lives sound and happy. A fragment of the play ‘IRLEM’, chapter ‘Entering a dream - an experiment».

One thing is clear: time lives inside the individual and fixes itself there. Obviously, it is hard for a person to find out what lives inside him, but when he learns this, life becomes easy.

Rhythmology adorns life, filling it with an amazing factor of an additional degree of freedom. Freedom of time is the most unique of all the available freedoms declared.»

E.D. Marchenko
«Rhythmology : week by week»

More than 150 books have already been published.
We offer to you the abstracts from some of them.