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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.





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Employees of the European Commission visited the North Pole in September

In Luxembourg, the exhibition: “Where time comes from,” was over; it told about the unique expeditions of Evdokiya Marchenko to the North and the South Pole, along the equator and the 0 and 180 meridians.

The exhibition was held behind closed doors and was available only to members of the European Commission, the European Parliament, the European Court, the European Court of Audit, and the European Investment Bank.

The photos were placed in one of the buildings of the European Commission, named in honor of Jean Monnet, who stood at the cradle of the European Union. Today, the European Commission is the supreme body of executive power in the EU, which has many departments in Luxembourg and Brussels. Therefore, the representatives of departments from all 27 EU member countries were able to visit the exhibition.

Evdokiya Marchenko ritmologii Institute plans to present the photo exhibition "From the time comes," as in Europe, in November.

The Institute of RhythmoLogy of Evdokiya Marchenko is planning to present a photo exhibition “Where time comes from,” also in Europe in November.