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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.





What Rhythmology is?

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1st European tour of Rhythmoteam, ‘ST-effect’ promises incredible meetings.

Jubilee tour:"Meetings Improbability" is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Rhythmoteam,"ST-effect". It will be a continuation of concerts that took place in the Ukraine in April-May, 2011. In the second half of October, residents of five European cities will see the unusual work by the Rhythmoteam. On October 21, artists are to come to the German capital, Berlin, on October 23, to Milan, Italy; on October 26, the concert will be held in Prague (Czech Republic); on October 28, artists will meet the German public again in Stuttgart, and the tour will end on October 29 with a concert in Antwerp (Belgium).

Rhythmoteam "ST-effect" was created in August 2001. The uniqueness of the Rhythmoteam "ST-effect" lies in the fact that, in their work, the artists use the works of one author - Evdokiya Dmitrievna Marchenko. They are based on new knowledge about time as a living substance that expands conventional ideas about the humans and the world. Using different forms, ranging from classical ballet and folk dance, to contact improvisation and counter-techniques, the artists seek to convey positive emotions to the audience and evoke a philosophical understanding of life.

–- There is a rhythm of life. In particular, the rhythmic music plays, bodies line up in the motion of the dance; vocal cords vibrate while singing. In their concerts, we pass the rhythm of our hearts to the spectators through plastique and voice. After our performances, the audience feels relaxed, thanks to the rush of vigor and vitality, says the art manager, director, and choreographer of Rhythmoteam "ST-effect", Svetlana Marchenko.

Each performance of ‘ST-effect’ is not just a beautiful show. The performances encourage spectators to look inside themselves and take care of the outside world. Joint events of the Rhythmoteam and The Institute of RhythmoLogy of Evdokiya Marchenko (IRlEM) became such successful educational projects that they last more than a year. In 10 years of creative life, ‘ST-effect’ has captured the hearts of the fans, not only in Russia, but far beyond. In October, the art of the team will be available for the people of Europe at the concert, "Meetings Improbability".