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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.





E.D. Marchenko

Meetings with the method’s author

These meetings are arranged to be interesting both for returning and new listeners. Everyone is welcome!
This is unforgettable!

Some of the books

All books by E.D.Marchenko are extraordinary. They describe life at its best outpourings. When one reads these books, one wishes to live a happy life!

Nothing ever happens by chance. Now in English



Nothing ever happens by chance

This book consists of the lecture notes of Yevdokiya Dmitrievna Marchenko, astronomer, Professor of Psychological Medicine, D.Phil., Academician, member of the Writers’ Union, and author of more than 200 books. In 2002 the Rhythmology Institute of Yevdokiya Marchenko (IRLEM) was founded in Moscow. This is the first book in the series “Rhythmology for All”. While using it, readers are recommended to keep a parallel logbook for practical exercises, that will enable them to see the laws described in the book unfolding in their own lives. All legal rights to this book are protected. No part can be reproduced or copied, and no part can be republished or redistributed in any form or in any medium, without the written permission of the rights holders.