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Наша основная задача - научить человека 
жить внутри времени, пользоваться временем.




Evdokia Marchenko “I came from time...”


A talented person, as known, is talented in everything. Happy is happy at all times and in all places. This is fully related to the extraordinary Russian woman, widely known beyond Russia's borders, - Evdokia Dmitrievna Marchenko. She, the owner of several scientific degrees and a number of rewards from various countries, the mother of three children and a grandmother of six grandchildren, is frequently asked – how do you find time for the family, creativity, and scientific research; on lectures and educational programs in hundreds of countries; taking sensational expeditions and extreme traveling. The answer of Marchenko is easy and clear. She has achieved so much in her life, primarily because she has learned to control time. She even created a separate science – rhythmology, which gives her a real opportunity and be happy herself, and help the other find their place in life.

“My uniqueness and uncompetitiveness is solely because I came from time”, - thinks Evodkia Dmitrievna

“The guest from time” appeared on this planet on the September 19, 1952 – she was born in the Siberian rural family, and was interested in stars since she was little. Having graduated from a astronomy-geodesy department of the Physics department of the Ural Municipal university, Evdokia Marchenko has worked at the rocket centre around Chelyabinsk. At the end of the 80's drastically changed her field and started teaching the basics of human self-development.

By now Evdokia Dmitrievna organized more than 30 thousand lectures, seminars, conferences all around the world. Her contribution into developing the different sciences and the results of her practices received high evaluation of various famous scientists and outstanding public activists, as well as receiving a numerous amount of titles and rewards.

To recall some of them: Evdokia Marchenko – Doctor of Philosophy RAEN, Doctor of Medical Psychology RAEN, the member of Union of Writers of Russia, holder of several orders.

However, the main accomplishment, in her own opinion, is the creation of the Institute of Rhythmology (IrlEM) and the development of the unique Method 7R0, which allows to really control time.

The discoveries of professor Marchenko, made in the process of conducting scientific research on time and examining the impact of these substances on the human brain, became the basis for writing a large number of educational books, and, as surprising as it is, a compilation of poems, philosophical novels and essays. Today Marchenko, writing under a pseudonym Radasteya, has over 300 books, the total copies of which is over 3 billion, more than 150 educational-methodological and topic-specific films, libretto to the dozens of philosophical musicals, etc.

However the field of her professional and scientific interests does not end here. In 2005-2006 Evdokia Marchenko organized and led complex expeditions, and, as always, surprised the whole world by setting a new world record with the time periods during which they were conducted. The journeys to the North and South poles and along the equators took only 9 months. To the regular portion of perplexity of why and how – she just says: “I wrapped the Earth with Time”. And hundreds of thankful people in dozens of countries clearly understand what kind of gigantic work, colossal knowledge and sincere love to people stands behind this phrase. In more details: “Time can be different. Besides the calendar time, which we started talking about and tied it to Earth rotations, time lives inside the human mind. With different time people make decisions, with different longitude people perceive the world. I don't get tired of telling people about time: concerts, plays, lectures, interviews, articles. And the only thing that I want: be joyful, people, be happy. And I will tell, describe, and hint at where to get additional time, how to use it properly, and how to measure your private time.

I called my method “7R0”. Use it and be happy!”